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Adams Arcade

Published Date: February 27, 2010

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Adams Arcade is a small shopping centre located in Kilimani along Ngong Road.
There is a Java House as well as other outlets.

There is a second hand (Mitumba) clothes market called Toi Market close by.


Mall Information

This small low-key shopping centre is popular because it’s right next to the Toi Mitumba Clothes Market. It’s perhaps not the most glamorous shopping centre in Kenya, but it does have some nice outlets and draws a mixed clientele of ex-pats and locals. At Adams Arcade there is the first ever, original Java House. It’s a nice place, with a large, Henry Moore style scupture in the centre, where children can climb through and over while their parents enjoy food and drink on the umbrella clad patio. This well loved kids play sculpture is still there some 20+ years after it was first built.

Next to Java, there’s a Kitengela Glass shop and several other arts and crafts shops are to be found among the chemists and other slightly less glamorous shops around.

Upstairs, hidden away to the left of the staircase, is a fabulous play centre for young children. It’s a great place for kids parties with ball pits, large padded climbing structures. It’s well organised with a signing in and out book. Parents can opt to leave their children here while they go downstairs to Java for a cup of coffee, or nip out for a quick bit of mitumba shopping!

TOI MITUMBA MARKET (2nd hand clothes)

This is probably the most well known and popular Mitumba Market in Nairobi for ex-pats. It’s quite amazing who comes here from aid workers to Ambassadors….Here, you can buy second hand clothes which are washed and ironed or simply walk down the road further (about 1.5km) to the heart of Toi. Here you will find the real rummage market with tables of clothes to rummage through on sale for 20/-ksh a T-shirt if you’re lucky.

Many people go label shopping for designer clothes and popular brand labels ; Levi, Diesel, Next, Monsoon, etc. etc. The clothes are getting more and more expensive and although bargains are there, the real bargains are the unwashed, un-ironed items deep in the centre of the market. Parking is available at Adams Arcade or you can also park at Uchumi next door to the garage. Parking is also sometimes available at the Toi School further down the road. This is secure enclosed parking but you’ll need to leave the guard a tip.


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